After Day 28

I finished my magic 28 days on Wednesday. I must admit i feel more at peace. I am less stressed when I drive and a friend told me over lunch today that my face looks younger! well, I’l be d….

I won’t be writing down 10 things i’m grateful for every day but i will continue to live a life of gratitude. I have my rock next to my bed and use it every night.

I regularly give thanks for things or outcomes i want in advance and learn to accept that it’s already there.

An example is having two ladies at work both with really bad backs. then i give thanks for mine being so strong. there are so many things in life we take for granted until we no longer them them or they break down, like a car or our health. that’s a bit late to start appreciating them. Why not give thanks while they are there in good working order? we just need the reminder.

By having a good look around and giving thanks for items or situations you notice, will give you appreciation for what you have NOW.

This has been a great learning experience and has given me lots of tools i shall carry with me moving forward.

Day 21

Three weeks into the project and I’m feeling fine. Not ecstatic but better.

I must admit the biggest change is that I catch myself whhen I’m about to say something negative. This means that I’m reprogramming my brain for a positive outlook which would have to be a good thing.

I have had one tangible win. My iMac refused to switch on last Sunday. I tried all sorts but to no avail. on Monday morning I called Apple to find out how to solve the problem.

He suggested a reset, which I could try when I got home from work, or if I had another cord I could try that. For the rest of the day, when I thought about it, I gave thanks that the isue would be resolved easily.

When I got home from work I tried the reset but that didn’t do anything. so I went looking for a cord. I tried the cord and the Mac switched on. a faulty cord. who would have guessed. only a year old.

I now have to get to an Aple shop to swap the faulty cord but I had an easy and quick resolution to my problem and I was very happy.

My biggest challenge is to find another 10 things to be grateful for each morning and to remember to give thanks during the day. But I believe that if I keep working in this direction, something will happen. at least I feel less stressed and happier. that has to be a good thing, right?

Day 17

Another six days have past and I am now at day 17. Today I have printed off a universal cheque. This is great news because I can write whatever amount I need on this cheque and have it. I just have to believe.

I have written down the amount currently outstanding on my Visa card and I image I already have the money to pay it out.

Once I have proved to myself that this works, I’ll aim a little higher. For me this is all about believing and I need to prove to myself that it works. I guess there is still doubt because I have yet to see big differences in my life.

I think I fall into the impatient category! I want instant proof. No reason I can’t have it, but I need to eliminate the doubt. Not sure yet how to do this, but I continue giving thanks for just about anything and trust that the Universe will deliver. And please let it be sooner rather than later!


Day 12

Today was about thanking three people who have made an impact in my life. what a touch choose. I could have picked 10 people to thank, but i stayed with the three as prescribed. An interesting exercise because some of it goes back almost 30 years for me.  It is an exercise I’ll repeat a few times over the next couple of weeks.

the list of ten things in the morning is becoming a challenge but i’m looking closer to home. In the beginning i was mostly focussed on stuff whereas I’m finding myself getting more focussed on me and my gifts, skills and talents, as they were. even body parts get a mention. after all, those are some of the things we have a tendency of taking for granted, wouldn’t you agree?

so I’m moving ahead and at almost the half mark del convinced that i’ll not only make it to the end of the challenge, but incorporate some of the exercises in my daily routing moving forward.

Day 11

Over the past week i have been giving thanks for just  about everything. My food and drinks, my work, my income and my life.

The interesting think is that it has made me conscious of all the stuff around me. Most of the time it makes me feel great and peaceful. I was able to give thanks for driving behind a person doing 45 k/hr to work one morning and notice the scenery around me even though i see it every morning. but i suddenly discovered things i have not seen before. how strange is that?

I spent a day in a totally positive mindset. the exercise for the day was to avoid negative thoughts. it was a challenge but probably a healthy one. it certainly caught me out a couple of times. in the days follwoign i caught myself whenever i was about to say or think something  negative.

there are challenges though. writing down 10 new things to be grteful for every morning is a bit hard. it has forced me to start noticing and giving thanks for the smaller things in life. i guess that’s one of the goals with this 28 day program.

I liked the magic dust exercise. giving thanks to a lot of people you don’t get to meet for their contributions to my life. electricity, cars, cleaning the streets, public transport system, the furniture i use, the clothes i wear. Not something i usually think about, that’s for sure. awareness is a beautiful thing.

Day 4

Today is about money. I grew up with a father who thought that money was evil. people who had a lot of money had surely cheated or done something illegal or immoral to obtain it.

That is a mind set that has stayed with me and although i now know that it isn’t true, it is hard to get out of these belief system when they have been with you for so long.

As with everything else, i find that awareness is key. I have been giving thanks to everything I was given as a child that cost money. clothes, food, toys, sports equipment, guitar. absolutely everything. i continued into adulthood and continued to give thanks to everything i have that has cost money.

Of course I also had the 10 things to be grateful for to list. it is a challenge to come up with new things each day but i choose to believe that it will get easier. perhaps when i get used to giving thanks i’ll start noticing the real small things in life and give thanks for those as well. Well, that’s the plan.

The funny thing is that it is causing me to think differently several times a day. when i drove to work this morning, i caught myself swearing over a driver in front doing 45 km/h in a 60 zone. Instead of getting upset, i gave thanks for her and for making sure i had time to enjoy the scenery. i actually started looking at the gardens i pass every day and noticed a few things i haven’t seen before. Go figure!

perhaps this stuff is working?

well, time will tell.

till tomorrow….

28 Days of Magic

A few years ago, The Secret came out and took the world by storm. well, close enough. most people have heard about it, read the book or watched the movie.

The author behind the success, Rhonda Byrne, has written a few other books, one of which is called The Magic.

This book is a 28 day practice book with a new exercise to complete everyday. some of the exercises, like the first one, has to be done every day for the 28 days.

I want to use this space to share my experience of this 28 day quest with you.

The premise of he book is  that magic comes from gratitude. you can solve all your problems by showing gratitude every day.

There wis an old proverb that says that what you show gratitude for will increase and what you take for granted will decrease. not verbatim, but the message is the same.

Many of us takes our health for granted. the fact that we can get out of bed every day and walk to the bathroom. A friend of mine recently had  to revise that philosophy. she slipped a disc just before Christmas and was unable to get out of bed. Suddenly, she learned to give thanks for the use of her back and legs.

Do we have to wait for ill health or disaster to strike before appreciating what we had? Or would it be a good idea to start appreciating what we have while we still have it?

That’s what these 28 days are all about. giving thanks for all aspects of life in various different exercises.

Day 1 for me was 21 May. the exercise was to write down 10 things I was grateful for a why. This is the exercise that I will do every morning for the 28 days. I found day 2 to be a challenge because i had started too high level. when I started giving thanks for spending the evening with a good friend, and waking up in the morning, the little things in life, the exercise becomes much easier. and isn’t it the little things in life we so often take for granted and need to learn to appreciate?

Day 2 was to ind a rock, a small smooth one that fits in the hand and then every evening give thanks for the best thing that happened today. This is an easy one for me most days. but I’m sure I will have more than one challenge with this over the next few weeks.

Day 3 was to choose three people i have a close relationship with, find a photo of them and write down five things I appreciate about them.

Today, Day 4, I was appreciating my health. I gave thanks for various body parts and wrote a big sign that says, THE GIFT OF HEALTH IS KEEPING ME ALIVE. I have placed the card on the fridge where i’m sure to see it several times today.

Keep an eye on this page, because here I shall share with you my journey of gratitude and whether it does indeed transform my life!


I’m having my piano tuned. I’m sitting here in my office with the repeated striking of keys up and down the scale while they are being tuned. it is very audible and sometimes even loud. But i love the sound of piano.

To me it doesn’t actually matter what they do with it. hit those keys and make sound and it is great. of course if you can play properly it is a bonus!

I have always loved the piano and have started taking lessons several times. something has happened each time for me to discontinue the lessons. either moving country, moving state, start studying on a full time basis. whatever it was, it has meant ceasing lessons.

So here I am over 50 years of age and i’m having another go. I needed the piano tuned first, because like me, when pianos get older they may not be tuneable anymore. The pin boards (apparently) age and they can no longer hold the pins in place. when the pins slip, the piano goes out of tune.

The piano tuner has been honest and told me that the tune may only last 6-12 months, but at least it gives me time to work out if i will be playing on a regularly basis and if so, start saving for a replacement!

Now that i know my piano will be in tune for a while, I need to find a teacher and i’ll be taking lessons. I’m quite excited about this. I do love my music and playing it is even better.

It is a question of – Watch Out – Here I come! well, not going anywhere, but making a lot of noise from the music room (which used to be called the back bedroom!).

Music is creation, expression and sharing. It is a gift and I love listening to anybody playing just about anything. If I can now finally learn how to play properly, I’ll be so happy!

What Works for You?

On advise from a “clever” person, I started weight training about 6 weeks ago. The ice was the strengthen core muscles and build muscle mass and burn off fat that way.

Great theory! Maybe 6 weeks isn’t enough but that’s all I and to give to the experiment. Okay, so I’m not the most patient person in the world.

This week i have returned to exercise classes. Boxing, freestyle circuits and the pool. Much more fun and for me, it works better. I feel better when i do cardio work.

It is so easy to fall prey to the “experts” and take their advise when it comes to health, fitness and weight loss, but what do they really know?

I’m a firm believer that we are all different and not one size fits all. A fitness regime that works for one person, may not work for another person.

I think  you need to pick a form of exercise you enjoy. If it is boring or you hate going then you are much less likely to stick with it. Dragging yourself out of bed an hour earlier to do something you hate, is not likely to happen, is it?

If you love dancing, find a dance class or grab your partner and go dancing. If you like walking, then walk. The idea is to find something you enjoy or at least can live with and stick with it.

I get a buzz from aerobic exercise so it is much easier for me to get up in the morning.

Find your exercise form and get on with it! After all, a healthy fit body doesn’t just happen!

The Best-Laid Plans…..

Have you ever set yourself a goal or made a plan to do something and then completely forgotten about it?

I have just done that. last Sunday i promised myself to start blogging ere again and then i forgot. I have had a busy week, but no more so than usual and still, simply forgot.

I did the same with meditation. decided to start meditating again because I know there are benefits in doing so. I got one evening in and then promptly forgot about it.

The scary thing is that I have a great memory! At least I think so! at this stage, I might be the only one with that conviction.

Subsequently, this is it! Another post and the best intention to get back here in less than a week!

I hope to see you then!

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